Invite your guests to Smurf Village for a smurftastic time at Kidz at Mount View! The Smurfs are tiny, blue creatures who live in mushroom houses in a village hidden in the forest. Smurfs are blue, three-apples tall. The Smurfs don’t see themselves as short but as fun sized. The Smurfs are led by 543-year-old Papa Smurf, a good and powerful wizard. Each Smurf is assigned a task in the village, according to their ability and the needs of the community. Smurfs live peaceful lives in harmony with nature. Smurfs are the perfect party for a boy or a girl. So your child can be Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf or any Smurf they dream to be. Come party with the blue creatures who are only three apples high!

Smurfs are definitely one of our most popular unisex themed parties. This package is an all inclusive package, where you can relax and we do everything for you!

R130 per child : This package includes the play on the big jungle gym, a party box, themed cupcake, juice, kiddies food (we have different options to choose from) as well as all of the decor for the party. Optional: We can also supply you with a themed cake at an additional cost.

Please note: Parties are booked for 2 hours (90min for the party and 30 min for cleaning)