A Kitchen Tea is a gift party that is held for a bride before her wedding and is considered to be the prettiest way to kick off the wedding events. Kitchen Teas are usually co-ordinated by the maid of honour or close friends.

A kitchen tea is an exclusively Australian and New Zealand term for a party held for a bride before her wedding. At the tea, the guests present the bride with kitchen goods such as tea towels and cockery. These days, guests can bring just about anything, not just kitchen items

Here is an awesome article to read when considering a kitchen tea:

There are some things to consider when hosting a kitchen tea. These are:


Themes help to bring your party to life and makes it more memorable.

By choosing a theme that reflects her taste, the party instantly becomes personalised and meaningful.


A Kitchen Tea is an intimate affair. The guestlist typically only included bride’s  closest friends and family.


Invites are where the fun begins! If you do have time, you should consider sending physical invites as they are so much nicer to receive. But when time is not on your side, electronic invites are awesome too!


When your guests arrive, you should have a welcome table with a way for them to leave messages to the Bride. You can have a wishing tree or even line a wall with envelopes for them to insert their messages.A welcome area is important because after the party, you can gather up all the cards and message, create a framed collage as a gift for the bride.


This is where having a theme comes in handy. Keeping a consistent theme or colour scheme from invites to decor will make your party look stunning.

6 – ACTIVITY, GAMES + Prizes 
This is the highlight of the event.  Games are a good way to break the ice which would make your party fun. You should plan on playing at least 3 games at the kitchen tea (and have a 4th up your sleeve, just in case!). Oh, and don’t forget the prizes! Prizes can be anything from chocolate bars to bottles of wines.


For drinks, the easiest option is to provide punch in beautiful jars. You should also cater to drivers and non-drinkers with lovely options such as soft drinks or fruit juices. You can decorate bottles and cups with with drinks labels and stripey straws for a pretty look.


There is nothing like a sweet platter with yummy treats.  As Julia Child said, “A party without a cake is just a meeting”.


Like the wedding itself, it’s a nice gesture to give your guests a token of appreciation for coming to the kitchen tea. A small gift like sweets in a jar, a beautiful box filled with popcorn or kitchen tea cookies in a personalized bag is such a good idea.


Include a little thank you card (signed from the bride) with your guests’ favours or send them a week later. Your guests have spent time and money in attending your kitchen tea, so it is polite to say thank you.

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