Boys like cars, all shapes and sizes. Fast cars are every boy’s dream car. That is why most boys imagine themselves as being or driving Lightning McQueen from Disney Cars. In Disney Cars he is a hotshot rookie race car. Lightning McQueen is faster than fast and quicker than quick, he is like lightning. Fast racing cars is all about focus and speed. Lightning McQueen is the fastest thing on four wheels, he doesn’t believe in losing.

If your boy is crazy about Cars the movie or just cars in general, this is the dream party for him. This package is an all inclusive package, where you can relax and we do everything for you!

R130 per child : This package includes the play on the big jungle gym, a party box, themed cupcake, juice, kiddies food (we have different options to choose from) as well as all of the decor for the party. Optional: We can also supply you with a themed cake at an additional cost.

Please note: Parties are booked for 2 hours (90min for the party and 30 min for cleaning)